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美文欣赏:秋雨绵绵,秋意凉 Continuous rain, autumn is cool

作者:www.kciattn.cn  时间:2015-11-12



This year the autumn rain, has been off and on for January years, heart anguish it is self-evident, often sit at the window watching the Street Pedestrian in a daze in a hurry, imperceptibly waste time. The leisure space, try to open the window and let the soul through breath, let the silky drizzle soaked my every pore, make skin enjoy the coolness of autumn, until the hit to tremble before God, reluctant to pull up the window, listening to the rhythm of the falling rain, looking at the dark sky gradually can't fall asleep.


Originally I was fond of the feeling of past autumn, autumn wind will blow you like flickering Campanula as sweet, sometimes made a rustling sound, if luck is good can also gather a few beautiful leaves collection. Vaguely remember the year before on the occasion of the family sitting in the courtyard to gossip, do not have some flavor; it is in the hot can last side enjoy the delicious corn while teases the nephew happy, but all this does not exist.


Flower similar year in and year out, year autumn autumn cool this year is different, the surface, but a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind power, blowing wind is cool, in the face of rain is soft, fine rain is scattered, the gloomy sky is the fog, and my heart is pain. Let go of preparing for the test of public failure does not mention, leisure at home a few months or boring, let people with deep hatred and resentment or not and nephew to meet the helpless.


Fermentation is a section of the missing, and the rain water sprout early thoughts of seeds, have never hope to meet the night of love, the most sad or every time I meet Hao Qi must pass the helpless, even the surging shuttle Hao Qi ideas others were ruthless obliterate, difficult to speak up and looked each time the Hao Qi pass by that the only way which must be passed will not live, all because: he is my nephew, and these presumably just shot the scene in the movie, but true happened to me.


Compared with the rain cold days, the human is even more so that I can stand alone, chilling, but cannot withstand the world with me more silent treatment. Don't say the years dyed white, even the family has worn thin? Are those the old warm just in the interpretation of a moving story? Still hot passion also bear the years this endless miles of rain?


Autumn, autumn thoughts, sad autumn, are closely linked, and always involve some silky thoughts. In the autumn wind autumn loneliness, from the fall, autumn worry desolate imperceptibly, then some sad, worried that I once students road can go well? In the rainy season the mature corn can withstand the test? I will not get lost in misty rain away?


Hope that the days of rain to wash us close to the musty mind, can nourish the creatures, let the grass desolately, flowers are blooming, hope sunny autumn back soon, let the clouds drifting into the sky.